Altree™, an innovative new product, will be used to replace aluminum road signs throughout the United States and Internationally.

Altree™ is made from recycled plastic milk jugs & wood chips, known as “forest slash” that would otherwise burned or left on the
forest floor. Altree™ is the only sustainable way to utilize non-commercial timber, greatly reducing the
number of catastrophic forest fires, and will also reduce the amount of
plastic bound for our landfills.

As a road sign, the Altree™ product is significantly cheaper and safer than aluminum, not to mention that it is a green product and has been designated as a bio-preferred product by the US Federal Government.

In 2010 Altree™ was recognized as the Most Innovative Forest Product in the World.

The executives of Altree™ are working with Albuquerque Economic Development (AED), as well as a host
of vendors and strategic partners with the goal of building the first production factory in Albuquerque. Initial employment will be 14 to 20 full-time jobs and could climb to as high as 80, or more, within three to five years.

The Altree™ executives are committed to creating green manufacturing jobs in New Mexico while protecting our forests, restoring our watershed and reducing the amount of plastic heading to our landfills.

Tony Burger

Tony Burger

Managing Director

Tony is a native New Mexican from Las Vegas that has invested 12 years into launching Altree; helping Altree win the 2010 award for Most Innovative Forest Product in the World.

John A. Youngquist, P.E.

John A. Youngquist, P.E.


John is well-known for pioneering research in the processing of wood-based composite products. Owns a consulting business focused on the broad area of engineering, natural resources, and grant writing, with an emphasis on scientific report writing and grant and proposal writing.


Sky Carlisle

Sky Carlisle

Marketing & Media Relations

Sky is a social entrepreneur, and digital media consultant based out of New Mexico. He owns Carlisle Media Consulting and focuses on business startup, growth, and behavioral trend analysis.

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